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What is ZeroPoint Intention™?

Zeropoint Intention™ (ZPI) is a procedure I developed for imprinting an intention 

into the ZeroPoint Field to manifest as a physical, emotional, psychological, or psychospiritual healing process at a prescribed time and date for a specific person or group of people. The basis of this human technology is thousands of years old; used by holy men, shamans, mystics, and adepts to transmit chi (life force) and information (communication) across time and space.  By synthesizing elements from several currently used energy healing, energy psychology, hypnosis, NLP, and related methodologies, I've developed a protocol that taps into the same level of consciousness, consistently imprinting coherent experiences or concepts of healing or psychospiritual experience into the core consciousness that precedes and transcends individual experience, and which converts those same intentions into life force processes experienced in the bodymind of the recipient(s) of the session. 

ZPI™ is intended specifically for psychospiritual meditation and healing sessions, including the Healing Gift™,  the Trauma Release Process sessions, the Solvation Macro™, the Shadow Integration, Universal Immune Support Sessions, and a series of psychospiritual attunements (The GratefulMystic™ and Lovelens™ series).

Since there is no way to indisputably prove that my consciousness is transmitting a specific kind of healing event that co-creatively manifests in another person's consciousness, mind, and body, the best way to understand what these sessions are and do is to think of them as experimental meditations with an intended theme. However, most people with experience of energy healing who experience these sessions do not doubt that they are receiving a beneficial session, and usually report experiences and after-effects consistent with the shared intention for healing. 

The Healing Gift™ is a healing process designed with ZeroPoint Intent. It is intended to put body and mind into an optimal meditative state to support physical and emotional healing. 

The Trauma Release Process is a session that is intended to dissolve the imprints in the mind and body which account for post-traumatic stress. Anyone with Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) should consult with their mental health provider before undergoing this process. 

The Solvation Macro™ is a transpersonal energy psychology/energy healing modality that combines elements of intention with psychospiritual energetic transmission. It is a full-spectrum, mindbodyspirit process intended to assist in the healing of the body, mind, soul, relationships, and situations. The ability to activate the Solvation Macro is passed on by remote life force attunement. 

The Shadow Integration attunement is a psychospiritual process intended to empower the user's intention to gently energizes, release, and integrate repressed, suppressed, projected, split, displaced, dissociated, or reaction-formed energies associated with a shadow aspect of an individual's ego. 

The GratefulMystic™ Series of attunements and empowerments are the original, psychospiritually-oriented attunements designed to awaken the dormant mystic in each of us. The first two attunements, Inner Baptism™ and Merger into Universal Light™ have the widest benefits in terms of personal healing and growth. From there, the journey of the remaining attunements is one of exploration, inner spiritual discovery, and oening to the potential for mystical union. The effects of the series can be life-altering. Although life circumstances may or may not stay the same from the outside in, one's experience of, observation of, and response to life --and therefore one's value and quality of life-- can be transformed through the kinds of experiences people have had from attunements in this series. 

The Lovelens™ Empowerments are a psychospiritual co-creation focused on the miraculous nature of the physical heart and all of the heart-related chakras operating in holistic synergy. The effects are intended to lead to empowered heart-centered wisdom, compassion, healing, and meditation.  This series is routinely highly valued by those who complete it, and it continues to benefit for a lifetime. 

Sessions are prepared for clients ahead of time for them to tune into after the fact at a time and place of their choosing. Clients are usually aware of sessions beginning and ending, and there have been consistent reports of beneficial results. While there can be no guarantee of any specific result, these sessions promote deeply healing meditative journeys. Whether the problem is physical, emotional, or psychological, these sessions create an optimal  space for deep relaxation and stress relief; a space that is healing to the mind and body.