Heal stress in your mind and body; awaken to your Spirit

Revolutionary techniques promoting full-spectrum wellness

Quantum Entrainment® (QE) represents a new paradigm in Self-awareness and healing. It is a simple perceptual technique that initiates a process which instills calm in the mind and relaxation in the body. QE deftly exposes the reality that we can perceive pure awareness, and thereby perceive and experience unconditional qualities of our true nature: peace, joy, love, bliss, oneness, and stillness.  There are also some impressive bonuses with QE. The first is that this process also functions to provide the ideal environment for accelerated emotional and physical healing. Another bonus is that the initiator of a QE event can choose to share these healing benefits with a partner with nothing more than an implied intention to do so beforehand and a pre-and-post test of the partner's experience of symptoms.  During the event, the QE partner does nothing more than let her or his mind wander during the process. As if that weren't enough, rather than diluting the effects, sharing Quantum Entrainment with one or more people (or animals or plants) actually enhances them.  

Anyone who possesses conscious awareness and the ability to read and understand at the 8th grade level can learn to do QE. However, it is so simple and direct a method that it is easy to overthink and overdo. In fact, once one of the many simple QE techniques has opened one's perception to pure awareness, there is nothing more to do than simply be aware of the good feelings or inner stillness one perceives as a result.    This is what makes it a new paradigm: the process is stripped down to the raw essentials of perception, and yet the results are often stunning.  

As one of only six certified Quantum Entrainment Facilitators worldwide, I was selected by the founder of QE Dr. Frank Kinslow from among hundreds of certified practitioners to introduce QE in public settings and help guide people in the early learning stages.  In addition to professional sessions with clients, I am authorized to give introductory presentations of the principles and basic theory underpinning QE, guide group participants through some of the preliminary processes, do demonstrations, conduct practice groups, moderate the official QE forum, and answer questions. 

Professional QE sessions can be conducted in person or remotely with equally beneficial effects.  I conduct 30-minute QE healing sessions with clients by Skype, phone, chat, or email.  I also conduct 1-hour information sessions which combine a 30-minute QE session with 30 minutes of  guidance  and advice to help clients with own practice of QE.

If you would like to learn more about Quantum Entrainment, please visit the official website: www.kinslowsystem.com 

If you are interested in having sessions, joining my monthly on-line practice group, or hosting an introductory presentation, contact me at alfred.heath@yahoo.co.uk.