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Be Set Free Fast is a unique and highly distilled integrative psychology method developed by clinical  psychologist Dr. Larry Nims that applies the power and skill of the subconscious mind to gently and rapidly eliminate emotional problems, behavioral ruts, and chronic stress that causes or worsens pain conditions and illness. The name is itself a descriptive acronym: Behavioral and Emotional Symptom Elimination Training for Resolving Excess Emotions: Fear, Anger, Sadness, and Trauma. It also known as BSFF.


The name was originally ascribed to an energy meridian tapping protocol Dr. Nims developed after becoming the first psychologist to undergo Dr. Roger Callahan's Thought Field Therapy(r) starting in February of 1990. Once trained, he considered Dr. Callahan's protocols more specific and complex than they needed to be, so he began developing his own, radically simplified protocol that was universally applicable to any emotional problem. 

So as to put to rest any confusion about the relationship between BSFF and the widely known Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping method developed by Gary Craig, I should note here that Dr. Nims's TFT(r)  training and initial development of BSFF preceded Gary Craig's first training with Callahan by about 18 months. 

Dr. Nims had been having great success applying his new method with clients, and although he appreciated the role energy meridians seemed to play, he was still skeptical of whether a disruption in the "chi" life force circulating throughout the meridian system was the actual root cause of psychological problems as Callahan asserted.

Over time he realized that, upon deciding to treat something within himself using his tapping protocol, he would start feeling the sensations in his body and the emotional release that he associated with the result of his tapping protocol, except he started noticing this before he started tapping.  While the tapping seemed to have an effect, this experience led to him to realize that other human faculties were operating at a more fundamental level: conscious intention and the subconscious mind.


BSFF teaches the subconscious mind --through direct communication, conditioning, learning, and expectancy-- to execute a comprehensive set of instructions to eliminate the unresolved emotions and dysfunctional beliefs --what BSFF terminology calls "programs" like computer programs-- at the heart of maladaptive and self-defeating emotional responses, psychological and physiological processes and behaviors --those phenomena we experience as "problems" which cause us so much unnecessary pain, suffering, and trouble in our lives. 

The subconscious does this at our signal: the saying or thinking of a predetermined "cue".  A BSFF cue is a chosen word, phrase, image, sound, or gesture that serves as a designated signal to the subconscious mind for it to act on the instructions it received to eliminate the programs stored at the subconscious level which are responsible for triggering one or more problems or issues ("issues" are two or more correlated problems which occur simultaneously or in sequence in response to a trigger event).  

The effects are immediate, gentle, and at times profound. He found that the causal source of every psychological problem are these programs at the subconscious level. The cue acts as a signal of the person's intention for the subconscious mind to eliminate the programs at the subconscious root of the problem or issue. The subconscious mind will do this instantly on command.


You can learn BSFF from Dr. Nims's dvd or ebook, available on his web site: http://www.besetfreefast.com/ . You can also learn it by having sessions with professionals who are trained in the method.  To acquire the best mastery of the method, you would take the step of attending a BSFF training with a trainer authorized by Dr. Nims or Alfred Heath to teach seminars and workshops (a list of practitioners and authorized trainers is also on his website).


I will provide you with Dr. Nims's instructions the subconscious mind, treatment protocol and recommended initial session strategies. If your session goal is not an emergency, most clients benefit greatly from starting with treating the "global" treatment issues articulated in the session strategies document. These areas broadly affect most people's ability to function skillfully in daily life. This will also give you an opportunity to get comfortable with applying the method. BSFF is a self-treatment method: you identify what you want to treat and instruct your subconscious to do each treatment for you by signaling it with your cue. 

You can apply BSFF any time you want, making it very flexible and convenient for the everyday stresses, annoyances and disappointments that we might be having trouble shaking off.  however, deep-seated, chronic problems may require dedicated time and space using the more thorough protocol. Also, the more profoundly you are affected by the problem or issue, the more difficult it may be to try to work with it on your own, in which case you may benefit greatly from the help of a BSFF professional. 

BSFF sessions are similar in format to cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) sessions: the CBT or BSFF therapist or coach teaches you the theory, terminology, framework, and techniques involved, and you apply the method in the session with the benefit of the professional's therapeutic presence and  guidance informed by their insight, education, training, and experience. 

You then continue to apply the method in between sessions and after the therapy is completed on a self-help basis for your personal benefit. The big difference and great advantage of BSFF compared with CBT is that you are directly applying the power and skill of the subconscious mind, which operates at much deeper levels and with amazing speed. 


My deep appreciation of BSFF stems from my previous experiences as a therapist with CBT and brief therapy methods, and later with Ericksonian hypnotherapy and NLP. I was always looking for the most elegant and leveraged means of helping clients to change and heal. I also was far more interested in empowering my clients than I was in wielding advanced and impressive therapeutic skills. I found much of what I was looking for in BSFF.

I first learned the method in 2004 from UK trainers Tam and Mary Llewellyn, and have treated myself and scores of clients since then. I took an advance workshop with Dr. Nims and Don Elium in February 2007, and became actively involved in the on line BSFF community.  

In 2009, Dr. Nims designated me an authorized BSFF trainer, and I have been actively conduction training and group BSFF events in multiple formats since 2010 to include teleconferences, webinars, and live in-person training.   I currently run training workshops in the UK, Belgium, and the United States.  I also run the official BSFF public yahoo group "BSFF-Experience" and the official training alumni BSFF Yahoo group called BSFFcommunity".

I have found BSFF to be by far the most elegant, in-depth, and thorough of all power therapy methods I know of. I believe it transcends energy psychology and is probably the most effective and integrative psychological self-help tool available. I am continually startled by how reliably it works, how quickly it works, and how deeply it reaches into the psyche to resolve emotional pain, behavioral ruts, and stress that causes or exacerbates chronic pain and illness.  

I still bring my years of education, training, and experience as a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and energy healing practitioner to bear in my professional work with clients, although a lot had to be unlearned in order to allow BSFF to operate at full capacity. This is something I emphasize in BSFF trainings for professionals including psychiatrists, clinical and counseling psychologists, counselors, clinical social workers, psychiatric nurses, and psychological coaches.  

To find out about future BSFF training: Check the official website http://www.besetfreefast.com/ , join Dr. Nims's newsletter and/or join the BSFF Experience Yahoo Group  I also post my own upcoming training events on my homepage, my Upcoining Events page, and usually on a new page dedicated to the training event.

To enquire about professionally guided BSFF sessions: email me at alfred.heath@yahoo.co.uk