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Healing Winter Holiday Emotional Baggage


A 1-session program guiding you through the use of energy psychology to free yourself of emotional baggage connected to the winter holidays (original webinar was done using the Tapas Acupressure Technique®,aka TAT®, but these processes can easily be adapted for Be Set Free Fast™, Solvation Macro™, EFT, or any sound energy psychology method.  The program consists of the instructions, worksheets, and the mp3 recording to follow along with each process. 

*This program is not intended as a psychotherapy intervention for people suffering diagnosed or diagnosable clinical conditions of depression, anxiety, complicated bereavement, or PTSD. People with a clinical psychiatric diagnosis of one of these or other conditions may find this session brings up strong emotions without completely resolving them during or after the session, and are advised to consult with an appropriately credentialled mental health professional regarding whether to use this product. 

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