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3E. Quantum Entrainment(R) Web-based Practice Group Session


This service is a 90-minute, Certified-Facilitator led Quantum Entrainment practice group session for those who have learned the QE process from Dr. Frank Kinslow's books, cd's, workshops, or one of his certified practitioners or facilitators.  It is recommended that, however you came to learn QE, that you acquire and study a Kinslow System(TM) media product or attend a live or on-line workshop to learn and start practicing the QE process techniques and Kinslow System applications from their founder and only teacher, Dr. Kinslow. 

Dr. Kinslow has authorized me, as one of his certified facilitators, to lead practice sessions and answer questions to assist you in mastering the techniques, and it is an honor to share his method and teachings with you! 

How did you come to learn the QE process?

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