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Quotes (Email reply, 3 & 1/2-month follow-up. Uploadesd with permission) "You made a big impact on my life and I'm extremely grateful to you. Your (Healing Gift and BSFF surrogate) healing sessions really did make a huge difference. (Our son) now sleeps through the night.... (His) sleeping through the night has completely changed my life and I feel like i can actually be me again and live again!" Quotes
Lizzy May Frazier
Cellist and Quantum Touch Energy Healing enthusiast

Quotes (Email 2 days after combination Healing Gift sessions and surrogate BSFF session for her 2-yr-old son. Uploaded with her permission) "Thank you so much for the healing sessions...(our son) has been a much happier boy since Monday (day of the session) so I have definitely seen a difference in him. My husband has really noticed this too... After a tricky week of sleep, we decided to let him cry tonight out of desperation. When we have done this before, he cried for at least an hour before falling asleep. Tonight is took 10 minutes! An absolute miracle! This is a first. I�?�¢??m so happy! I really feel you have helped enormously and hope he will now start sleeping through the night. There has definitely been a shift in him." -Lizzy May Frazier Quotes
Lizzy May Frazier

Quotes I recommend Alfred's Healing Gift sessions. I live in Australia; how wonderful I can activate the session to fit my schedule, & next thing I am in a complete energy healing experience! I felt clearly when they started & finished (about an hour) & I always felt extreme peace at the end. I recently had a heart attack & was on fierce meds which affected my mental ability. After the first three sessions, I was better enough to change to less powerful ones. I also notice my anxiety over my heart left. I had a fall just after the heart attack & injured my knee. Overnight after the 1st session I was suddenly able to bend my knee again! After another session I was suddenly walking faster. The changes were immediate; every improvement prior to the sessions had been extremely slow. I also found bruises were healing a good two weeks quicker! Lastly, the healings worked on an emotional level on some issues. I was really pleased with the results! Quotes
Jenni Horner
fellow healing practitioner

Quotes Since attending a Be Set Free Fast training that Alfred Heath had last year... I have (been able to) use BSFF on clients with I must say astonishing results. So I would very much like to get in touch with Alfred (for more) training... BSFF is priceless." Quotes
Kjell Forsberg
Energy Psychology Center, Sweden

Quotes I am so grateful that I finally allowed myself to call upon Alfred to assist me in dealing with my challenging emotional problems. I had some success using BSFF on my own, but I had various, highly charged issues that had layers of resistance built up that I was unable to release. Alfred very skillfully was able to help me dissolve that resistance and coach me so I was able to successfully use BSFF to heal and enjoy life again. He is extremely professional, knowledgable, and is a pleasure to work with and to get to know as a person. I am a "totally satisfied customer!" Quotes
BSFF client

Quotes I am so grateful to Alfred for these attunements. They have become a major part of my spiritual path. These attunements have helped me heal my energy, my life and my relationships in such beautiful ways. I am truly amazed and grateful for the healing of things I had no idea how to heal, despite dedicated spiritual practice each day. On top of that Alfred is always available to give support and answer questions. I've never met a spiritual teacher so generous and professional. Quotes
Grateful Mystic attunements & empowerments participant

Quotes I look forward to each event led by Alfred. I can't think of better value for money than the group QE practice. The group energy is so powerful and Alfred is ever the professional and caring guide. What I love about QE is its simplicity. No stories, no complications, just deepening in awareness/presence which seems to be the doorway to spiritual joy itself. The sessions I have participated in so far have helped huge issues dissolve for me. QE helped lift a deep spiritual depression and I am more clear than ever that becoming aware of awareness is the foundation of my spiritual path and the doorway to joy itself. Thank you Alfred for these chances to work together as a group in order to deepen our practice. Quotes
Quantum Entrainment® (QE?) Practic Group Participant

Quotes Alfred is a gifted teacher and mentor on one's spiritual journey. I've had the privilege of working with him on my own journey and have benefited greatly from his attunements, blessings and insights. As a result of the work we've done together, my personal relationships have improved and my ability to help others has been greatly enhanced. Quotes
Trane Francks, Living Intentionally
Gifted Teacher and Mentor

Quotes "I became aware of the value of each of the preceding (Lovelens) levels in removing obstacles to the flow of the energy (in and around my physical body)... I hesitated calling this (level) in because level IV had been such a blockbuster and I was not sure what (emotional or traumatic issues would get) dug up. It was effortless... Anything I put my attention on came to focus between my hands and the resist dissolved. First, my attention was on body issues then on mental/emotional stress and then moved to issues involving "other people" and situations that I do not like. As they dissolved so did "I". After awhile there was nothing left but joy about all of creation and a comprehension of the perfection of all that is." Quotes
Experience of the 5th (formerly final) empowerment of Lovelens

Quotes 'I tried the Inner Baptism last night and it was an amazing experience... Lots of energy was leaving the left side of my body. Eventually it felt like my body became more equalized on both sides, my chest cleared with coughing and it felt like my whole chest and heart area opened up . I felt very light when everything came to a halt..." Quotes
GratefulMystic member the Inner Baptism attunement experience