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Mind the Gap

Posted by alfred_heath on July 7, 2016 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (82)

I noticed something interesting yesterday. I've noticed this before, but since I am blogging again, I thought this is as  good a topic as any I could dream up. My life is fairly topsy turvy at the moment: I'm waiting to find out where I'll be moving to and living in the United States after living nearly 14 years in the United Kingdom. It wasn't my choice to move, but I've acquiesced with my employer, given that iI'm vesten in a retirement pension and only have a few years to go. However, this not knowing exactly where I'm going or exactly when I'm leaving has been challenging to me and my nuclear family in the UK, especially since my daughter is in University in the UK and my British (estranged) wife plans to stay in the UK to look after her mother and be available if our daughter needs help. So we are all waiting to see what happens. 

I talked about the bardo in a recent facebook post, and I noticed only yesterday that "Al: this situation is a bardo!"

The bardo is the space or gap between one thing ending and another beginning. The Tibetans consider the bardo a kind of sacred space between one life and the nextt; a place of incredibly lucid perception, and in this flawless mirror we perceive this lucidity, followed by hallucinations based on our deepest fears. But if we can remain in a meditative, neutral state of consciousness,, we transcend those illusions and realize liberation of consciousness. We can find both freedom and power in this space, if we can only awaken to its presence instead of focusing so hard on what came before it or what lies afterward in order to avoid our mindtrash. Simply be. Experience. Observe. Hang in there.

In the London Underground there are signs on the walls and on the floors reminding travelers not to step in the gap between the platform and the cars when they pull up: 

What an apt reminder that there is ever with us a space in which to rejuvenate our energy, open our consciousness to the numinous, and do nothing where there is nothing and nothing to do. the gap between our steps; the gap between our breaths; the gap between our thoughts, sensations, or emotions; between these typed words; between asleep and awake; between "this: and "that"; between life and death. And, I just realized, between this job and the next; where I live now, and wherever I will end up. How about that?