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BSFF Training in the USA and BELGIUM!

11-12, 13-14 April 2015:  Back-to-Back Basic and Intermediate-level Training in Phoenix, AZ  - Well, I talked Larry into it!  We had such a great time together and such an enthusiastic response from attendees at all of our training events in Tempe and Scottsdale last May that we are planning to follow up with another Basic-level training the weekend of 11-12 April followed immediately by an Intermediate-Level Training on 13-14 April. This will be the first-ever time these trainings have been done back-to-back like this, and Larry and I are excited to pass on BSFF to more people to spread around the globe! 

We will be joined by helpers (and full-fledged BSFF trainers and practitioners in their own right) Don Elium and Barry Gordon, which will ensure plenty of skilled personal attention during the practice periods.  The Basic Training will pick up where the ebook and dvd leave off.  First, we will teach you and provide the most up-to-date versions of the instructions to the subconscious and treatment protocols.  Next, by teaching you more about the "inside-out" experiential process as well as the "outside-in" procedures, you will feel more comfortable and confident guiding others in BSFF sessions. You will also gain more insight into the nature of our natural mind and why BSFF is such a gentle, powerful and deep energy psychology method. Participants receive a "Basic Practitioner" certificate at the end of the training. 

The obvious advantage to back-to-back training is the intensive experience of practice, practice, practice to help you gain mastery faster. However, keep in mind that you really need time to take in and process the concepts; to work and play with the method with yourself and with practice partners in order to really master what is taught in the intermediate training. 

For this reason, we will be making available extended post-training support with practice goals and two webinar group Q&A sessions for those in this category who wish to employ BSFF as part of their professional practice.  Apart from the webinars, you will be able arrange your practice with a partner to suit your own schedule, and you will have the option to do practice partner sessions by phone or skype, or in person if you live near another BSFF enthusiast according to your own schedules.  

We settled on this as the best option for those of you taking the basic training for the first time who wish to take advantage of the opportunity (and savings) of taking intermediate training immediately afterwards. This way you will be able to get the seasoning and experience needed to earn the intermediate-level "Practitioner" certificate six months after the training. Of course, this is optional, and you will still get the certificate of completion for the intensive 4-day training.

For those who have had training with Larry, Don, or myself in the form of a 2-or-more-day training experience and have been using and coaching BSFF regularly, you can attend only the intermediate training if you wish. However, if you are a trainer, or a rusty practitioner, we strongly recommend attending both in order to fully update and upgrade your skills. Believe me, it'll be worth it!   You can register from Larry's site www.besetfreefast.com or from the training site at www.besetfreefasttraining.com 

2-3 May 2015: Basic-Level BSFF training, Brussels, Belgium with live French translation! - I will be returning to beautiful Louvain la Neuve, Belgium, just outside Brussels, hosted by the wonderful folks at the Belgian Institute for Kinesiology. I'll be honored to have as my translator the Dean of the institute (and future trainer) Dr. Dominique Monette.  The complete BSFF Basic Training will cover two days of learning, practice, and a lot of personal healing! If you have not experienced the gentle power, depth and speed of BSFF in comparison with other energy psychology, hypnosis, NLP, or EMDR, or energy healing, you are in for a pleasant surprise! Be Set Free Fast unites your conscious intention with your subconscious powers over your psychological, emotional, and mindbody processes to rapidly and systematically eliminate unnecessary stored emotional stress and problematic subconscious beliefs.  For those of us in Europe, Netherlands, Germany, or France, Brussels is an easy train ride or cheap-fare airflight. For those of you in Europe who can't make the pilgrimage to Phoenix to study with Larry and me, this is an excellent opportunity closer to home, and I promise to give you a high-quality training experience even though Larry won't be able to be with us in person.  Participants receive a "Basic Practitioner" certificate at the end of the training. 

Early bird pricing available until 2 March! You can register (paying in pounds) from my webstore here; you can also pay in U.S. dollars from the BSFF training website; and if you wish to pay in Euros (by bank transfer only), here is how:

Pay in Euros by bank transfer to the Belgian Institute for Kinesiology: 

IBK asbl

26 avenue Paul Nicodemus - 1330 Rixensart

Email: ibk@ibk.be - Tel: 02.652.26.86

Places are limited!

Location: Walloon Brabant

Price: ?250  (before March 2, 2015)

?290 (after March 2, 2015)

Thank you to pay the full amount to

IBK asbl account: 001-1143474-17

IBAN: BE61 00111434741